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How does Derby Tutoring Centre Work?

Our tuition is centred around the individual learner to help them flourish and realise their potential in a safe, friendly and positive learning environment

Step 1: Contact the centre and arrange for a consultation and a possible assessment of the tutee if this is appropriate. We will also discuss your learning needs and use this to inform your tutor so that you can hit the ground running.


Step 2: A tutor with the relevant specialism will be allocated to you and session days and availability arranged.

Step 3: Attend either 60 minute or 80 minute weekly sessions with the full attention of your tutor in small groups of four or five, often less. After three sessions we will contact the fee payer for feedback as part of our commitment to customer service.

Step 4: Achieve your goal, whether it is towards an exam, improving levels or moving up a set.

Promotions and Packages

  • Take advantage of purchasing a block of 10 lessons for the price of 9

  • Ask us about our discount for siblings who study with us

Payment and Catch-up lessons

We accept payment by cash, card and via the Website.

If you choose to pay by weekly session, the first payment is made for the fist session and second session. From the second session onwards payment is made for the next week's session. The last session you have will therefore be already paid for in advance.


If a session is missed a catch-up session will be arranged but this may not always be with your regular tutor.